Original paintings of native fish in their underwater world

Sometimes the light shifts just a little and we see something in a completely different way. I had been painting fly fishermen in the landscape and started thinking about seeing the fish beneath the water. Spotting native fish — a brook, rainbow, bull or brown trout, sockeye, or steelhead — in nature is exciting and usually you only get a swift impression. This glimpse is what I want to capture. The mystery of another world. Sparkling, clear, reflective water flowing over smooth stones. Light filtering down and a bright trout darting in and out of the shadows. These things are a challenge to render and give limitless inspiration.

My most recent work show fish deep in the water, with reflections and disturbed water being just as important as the native fish. This is the way most of us experience seeing fish and is in effect, most realistic to our experience.

Painting from Nature

When painting fish I work from photos—usually from ones I’ve taken myself but occasionally from other photographers. I use these with permission and because I don’t paint realistically they are not exact copies. I take a lot of artist license! Tim Pask has been very generous in allowing me to paint from his photos of fish that are being released or that have just been brought to hand. His fly fishing adventures take him all over the world and his photos are amazing. “Rainbow Magic” and “Hooked” are  from Tim’s photos which also show the crystal clear waters and pristine streambeds of the far flung waters he fishes.  “Lifeforce” is from a photo by Mike Harling. It was taken in Yellowstone National Park and is of trout spawning in the Yellowstone River.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing any of these original soft pastel or acrylic paintings please contact me.