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Original fine art of Central Oregon
& Northwest landscapes

I feel a need to have a connection to a place to be comfortable painting it….to do it justice. It’s my way of honoring the landscape. So, I tend to paint Central Oregon and Northwest landscapes. It’s where I live, the views that I cherish and full of incredible diversity from ocean to mountains to desert.

Color & Composition

Color and composition are the most important aspects of my work. When I decide to paint a scene I am usually drawn by the ‘hidden’ color. Shadows aren’t black, grass isn’t just green, the sky isn’t only blue. There are layers and layers of surprising color that blend together to make the colors we see. Then there is always some fabulous color that is the accent, the final detail, that makes the whole image come to life.

I love to push the edges a bit using dramatic composition. A lifetime as a graphic designer, working with type and photos and art to make compelling designs taught me to work with weight and contrast. I want a composition that isn’t entirely comfortable but in the end satisfies the eye and spirit, often minimizing surrounding, identifying landmarks (like the banks of a river or lake), causing the viewer to focus on the water.

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing any of these original soft pastel or acrylic paintings please contact me.