Fine Art Collections

Art about the earth, sky & water

All of my paintings are fine art landscapes—whether close-ups of a tangle of branches and sagebrush, a vast panorama, reflections on the water with a fish in the shadows or birds flying through the clouds. When painting wildlife, it is almost as much about their habitat as the animals themselves. Fish under the water are quick and mysterious, that’s part of the joy of spotting them. Birds fly through a sky full of weather or cling to the branches of trees full of fruit and bright leaves.

Check out the slideshows in this gallery collection, grouped into the main categories of subjects for a complete view of my recent work. I scan all of my larger fine art, so if a painting is sold, please inquire about a custom, limited edition reproduction of the image you are drawn to. All images can be sized proportionately, larger or smaller than the original, to fit your space.

If you have any questions or would like to order a giclee reproduction or purchase an original please contact me.