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Soft Pastel of Broken Top from Sparks Lake

I was struggling to decide what to paint and happened on this photo taken in late autumn at Sparks Lake. Broken Top is mirrored flawlessly in the water. The colors are vibrant. It was late afternoon and there wasn’t another soul around. It was that moment before winter when the very air feels like it’s poised on tip toe. I love to paint Broken Top with just this amount of snow….the terracota color of the rock is so different from the other mountains.

soft pastel painting of Broken Top from Sparks Lake

New Home for Fish Art!

"Primal Call" soft pastel at new home

Recently the new owner of my soft pastel painting “Primal Call” sent me a photo showing the art in it’s permanent home. It was so exciting to see how the art, which is a painting I’m very proud of, looked in their home.

“Primal Call” depicts the wonderful colors of spawning kokanee in a crystal clear stream. The reason it was such a joy to paint was the pattern or color and light created by this natural phenomenon of spawning fish. And it brought back all of the sights and sounds of the day I saw the fish and photographed them to paint from.

I’m so grateful when a painting becomes a well-loved part of a collectors world. Thanks for sharing!

Soft pastel landscape from near Smith Rock State Park

"Soft Morning at Smith Rocks"

I love the juxtaposition of these contented cows in a pasture in front of the majestic rocks formations at Smith Rocks in Terreboone, Oregon. This area is before you get into the park and it’s surrounded by farmland. The mellow light of morning gives the rock a pearly look. This is a medium sized soft pastel painting. See it on the Landscape page.

New Heron Painting


After a bit of an unintentional break from painting, I’ve finally gotten a couple of new ones done. When I haven’t painted in a while I tend to do something different…this acrylic painting of a heron up in the top of a tree with dramatic lighting has been in my head for awhile. I took the photo a couple of years ago and imagined the heron with billowy, just before sunset clouds behind it. The name “Omen” came to me too. Sometimes the name starts the process.