New Abstracted Trout Painting Available

“Trout Chroma”, is Susan Luckey Higdon’s latest wildlife painting of fish underwater

A group of trout, swimming in yellow green waters, is my most abstracted painting of fish yet. The strong chroma between yellow and green makes an interesting backdrop to the swirling fish. I took the photo at a fish hatchery and then played with the color in photoshop, looking for the most interesting composition of the fishes shapes and contrast of color.

When spotting trout, or any fish, in their environment, it is magical, brief and mysterious. This painting of trout, in acrylic on birchboard heightens that feeling.

My wildlife paintings, whether fish, birds, wild hares or deer is always about interpreting nature’s beauty with color. “Trout Chroma” is the newest addition to my natural abstractions series.

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Susan Luckey Higdon

Susan Luckey Higdon makes fine art in Central Oregon that reflects the natural beauty all around her. She paints landscapes, native fish in their underwater habitats and bird life. Painting large whenever possible her work is semi-abstracted using composition, loosely impressionistic and colorful.