Progression of a Painting

"Late Winter Aspen" Progression

Sometimes it’s interesting to see the progression of a painting. I build-up color, continuing to layer until a painting feels finished. The initial painting session, for me, is just about getting something on the canvas. Once I’ve leaped that hurdle I am compelled to keep going. “Just begin” is my mantra as I drag my unwilling body into the studio and work to overcome inertia. I always prime my canvases with the complimentary color to what I think will be the predominating color of the final piece. Since I paint nature that color is often in the green and blue range, so my under-painting is red or orange. Though most of this color is covered up, twinkles of it show through in the final that give the art life.

“Late Winter Aspen” is a 40 x 30 acrylic that is in my September show at Tumalo Art Co. in Bend, Oregon. It is also a great painting for a large space—residential or corporate—and will be offered as a giclee limited edition reproduction.

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