New Home for Fish Art!

"Primal Call" soft pastel at new home

Recently the new owner of my soft pastel painting “Primal Call” sent me a photo showing the art in it’s permanent home. It was so exciting to see how the art, which is a painting I’m very proud of, looked in their home.

“Primal Call” depicts the wonderful colors of spawning kokanee in a crystal clear stream. The reason it was such a joy to paint was the pattern or color and light created by this natural phenomenon of spawning fish. And it brought back all of the sights and sounds of the day I saw the fish and photographed them to paint from.

I’m so grateful when a painting becomes a well-loved part of a collectors world. Thanks for sharing!

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Susan Luckey Higdon

Susan Luckey Higdon makes fine art in Central Oregon that reflects the natural beauty all around her. She paints landscapes, native fish in their underwater habitats and bird life. Painting large whenever possible her work is semi-abstracted using composition, loosely impressionistic and colorful.

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